Value Proposition

Based on our following fundamental five initiatives, we contribute to the improvement of corporate value, management and performance.
  • Link
    • Strategic Alliance
    • Network and Communication
  • Learn
    • Learn, Share of value, Development
  • Lead
    • Lead customers under the global environment
  • Leap
    • Transformation, To the next stage
  • Leverage
    • Outstanding Outcomes

Company Profile

Company Name L5 Consulting Co., Ltd.
  • Consulting Services
    • IT
    • Management
    • Marketing
    • Human Resources
    • Accounting
    • Corporate Training
  • Support for Foreign Companies Japan Market Expansion and Support for Japanese Companies Overseas Expansion.
  • Software & Hardware Research, Development, Sales and Maintenance Services.
  • Writing Profession
  • Planning of Books, Editing, Publishing, Sales.
  • Real Estate Management and Rental
  • Funded Research Project
  • Business of any and all incidental related to the preceding items.
Representative Kazuo Hosoi
Capital 8,880,000 JPY
Established April 1, 2014

CEO Profile

Kazuo Hosoi
  • Start the IT professional career as an IBM Systems Engineer.
  • Contributed to the development of IT and Human Resources of Japan as the president of HCM Solutions Company in SAP Japan.
  • Contributed to the strategic human resource management by launching US HCM Saba Software into Japan market.
  • Experienced and engaged in large-scale M&A in IT industry, deeply involved in the human resources strategy and enterprise integration.
  • Have a perspective of consulting to management with extensive experiences as president of listed companies.


Message from L5 CEO L5 Consulting continues to contribute to the improvement of corporate value by supporting the globalization of Japanese companies and the Asia expansion of overseas venture.
Strength of L5 Consulting is to understand the HCM (human resources management) with taking advantage of IT, and to optimize the productivity of the human resources department. By improving the productivity of the human resources department and increasing the efficiency to devote to strategic human resources, we will continue to achieve corporate strategic management. Moreover, by reducing the work of personnel practices in operational and strengthen the thoughtful personnel support, the fundamental value of the human resources department will be committed.
Japanese companies are less represented as Japanese does not have much of a presence originally. I will continue contributing all my efforts to the support of system construction and the global human resources in parallel with the world standard by focusing on human resources development.